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IODA Sponsors

Our Valuable Sponsors & Supporters

No program is complete or possible without the valuable assistance of some very generous Sponsors & Supporters. We'd like to publically recognize and thank these amazing businesses for their support.

Diamond Sponsors
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Call Scotiabank: 1-800-472-6842

Platinum Sponsors


Call PREP DR: +1 855-397-7737

Gold Sponsors


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We are honoured to invite your organization/company to participate as a valued sponsor to our events. As a sponsor, your contribution to our events is a valuable opportunity for your organization/company, as a leading supporter of building strong communities.

Become a Sponsor. View our Packages

Please click on the link below for further information about our upcoming sponsorship opportunity

2021 Gala Sponsorship Package

Please download the PDF

CDE Events Sponsorship Package

Please download the PDF

Diamod Sponsor

20,000$ Sponsorship

Event Sponsor

Online Webinar 300$ per 2-3 hours event

Platinum Sponsor

10,000$ Sponsorship

Event Sponsor

In-Person meetings 500$  per 2-3 hour event

Gold Sponsor

5,000$ Sponsorship

Our Mission

To define and offer continuing education courses that enhance and accelerate the knowledge and skills of all oral health care providers. Our programs designed for the general practitioner, the specialist, the dental hygienist and the dental auxiliaries.

Our Goal

To access, identify, develop and implement continuing dental education programs that are timely and informative. These programs serve the needs of the general practitioner and specialists, and are designed to enhance the technical and professional skills they need.

123 Edward St. Unit 1403 Toronto, ON M5G 1E2 |  Phone: 647-250-4688  |  Email.

At IODA, we are dedicated to creating a strong foundation for dental networking and a voice within the Canadian dental community. It is an opportunity for members to learn and contribute to the learning process as well.

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