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The Iranian Ontario Dental Association (IODA)

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The Iranian Ontario Dental Association (IODA) is a provincially and federal registered non-for-profit organization that was created in July 2014 at the initiative of its Founding Committee. It was founded with the vision of eventually becoming an independent chapter of the Iranian Canadian Dental Association (ICDA). 

Founding Committee:

•  Dr. Niosha Daneshvar

•  Dr. Dorna Mojdami

•  Dr. Reza Termei


To provide a strong foundation for professional networking for Iranian dentists, dental specialists and dental students in Ontario and Canada.


  • To provide and promote professional dental networking amongst members

  • To provide its members with continuing dental education courses accredited by the regulatory bodies

  • To support unlicensed Iranian dentists residing in Canada 

  • To identify business needs of its members and attempt to establish group benefits by working directly with the related industries

  • To organize social events and activities

  • To be a voice for the members and address professionally related matters within the dental community

  • To give back to the community through volunteering, social awareness campaigns and fundraising initiatives

Join us today, become a member of the IODA

At IODA, we are dedicated to creating a strong foundation for dental networking and a voice within the Canadian dental community. It is an opportunity for members to learn and contribute to the learning process as well.

Contact Iranian ODA

Phone: 647-250-4688  |  Email.

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