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IODA committees’ structures and responsibilities

  1.  Members Affairs Committee


•  Proposing membership strategies to Executive Committee for the upcoming year

•  Updating and maintaining members database

•  Creating Email lists according to membership categories

•  Communication with members regarding membership renewals, membership certificates, receipts, etc

•  Promoting membership using website and social media

• Co-ordination with the IT department for its activities

•  Communication between our Gold members and IODA’s webmaster for practice listings

•  Professional counselling and guidance for Gold members

•  Keeping track of non-licensed dentists and students to see when they obtain their Ontario license hence change in membership category

•  Membership benefits: Event discounts (IODA or third party hosted CE and/or social events), Group discounts by third party businesses




   2. Public Affairs Committee


•  Introducing IODA to the Iranian/Canadian public

•  Organizing public awareness campaigns about oral health and dental services through social media and hosting public seminars

•  Goodwill: findings ways to collect donations and send it to people in need through reliable and efficient channels

•  Respond to concerns raised by public




   3. Academic and Scientific Affairs Committee


•  Plan and organize quality continuing education events throughout the year

•  Maintain records of participants’ attendance

•  Issue certificates of attendance to participants

•  Oversee student chapters at University of Toronto and Schullich Dental School

•  Collaborate and work closely with the appointed chair of the Symposium 




   4. Social Events and Cultural Committee


•  Plan and organize Nowruz gala

•  Plan and organize other social and cultural events for members

IODA committees’ structures and responsibilities PDF document

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