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Members Affairs Committee

Introducing IODA Members Affairs Committee

Proposing membership strategies to Executive Committee for the upcoming year

Updating and maintaining members database

Creating Email lists according to membership categories

Communication with members regarding membership renewals, membership certificates, receipts, etc

Promoting membership using website and social media

Co-ordination with the IT department for its activities

Communication between our Gold members and IODA’s webmaster for practice listings

Professional counselling and guidance for Gold members

Keeping track of non-licensed dentists and students to see when they obtain their Ontario license hence change in membership category

Membership benefits: Event discounts (IODA or third party hosted CE and/or social events), Group discounts by third party businesses


Ali Tavakoli


Solmaz Sadeghian.jpg

Solmaz Sadeghian

Mahyar Moharer

Mahyar Moharer

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