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Please complete the application form before October 23, 2019


Election 2019

Application Form for Election to IODA Executive Committee


Thank you for your interest in running as a candidate for the IODA executive committee and devoting your time and skills.  


Please note the following as you prepare this application form: Any active member of the Association who is a Licensed Iranian Dentist residing in Ontario and has at least one of the following qualifications (subjected to verification by the audit committee) is eligible for election for the Executive Committee:

  • has previously served as executive or board member at any Iranian or Canadian Dental Association or Society

has teaching or executive experience at any Iranian or Canadian dental school

  • has previously served a term on the IODA/ICDA Executive Committee

  • has a minimum of one-year work experience at any of the Association’s working committees

Please complete the application form below

Join us today, become a member of the IODA

We are a legally recognized and registered non-for profit corporation under Industry Canada/Corporations Canada

At IODA, we are dedicated to creating a strong foundation for dental networking and a voice within the Canadian dental community. It is an opportunity for members to learn and contribute to the learning process as well.

Contact Iranian ODA

3280 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N 2L6 Canada |  Phone: 416-803-9206  |  Email.

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