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Dr. Nona Birjandy

Iranian Ontario Dental Association

Social Events and Cultural Committee

Nona Birjandy

Dr. Nona Birjandy is a Dentist /psychotherapist.

Nona Birjandy, Social Events and Cultural Committee

With a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the University of Shahid Beheshti in Iran, she prioritizes patient education to empower informed oral health decisions. Recognizing the interplay between psychological behaviors and physical well-being, she expanded her expertise by becoming a psychotherapist at the Transformational Art College in Canada. Additionally, she holds a Dental Management Office Certificate from the University of Toronto, enabling her to address both dental and psychological aspects of patient care.


As a Dental Office Practice Manager and Treatment Coordinator across three offices, she integrates her diverse skills to provide comprehensive and empathetic care. Beyond her professional roles, she actively contributes to charitable causes, being a member of the Naya Sofia Haiti Charity Foundation in Canada and the North American Authorized Manager for the Ghadir Charity Foundation of Iran.


A devoted wife and mother, she channels her passion for reading, writing, and global exploration. From adventurous pursuits like skydiving to volunteering for dentistry in underserved areas worldwide, she thrives on embracing diverse experiences and making a positive impact.

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