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Dr. Nona Birjandy

Iranian Ontario Dental Association

Social Events and Cultural Committee

Nona Birjandy

Dr. Nona Birjandy is a Dentist /psychotherapist.

Nona Birjandy, Social Events and Cultural Committee

She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree at the University of Shahid Beheshti in Iran .she believes in placing a high emphasis on the education of patients so that they can make good oral health decisions for themselves rather than pay for dental treatments. 


* Coming to the realization of this fact she became a psychotherapist from 

Transformational Art College in Canada.


* Also took Dental management office certificate U of T, which brought her enormous benefit to provide much-needed care to people who may not know or appreciate how many psychological behaviours and social functions can affect their physical health condition 


For these reasons, she works as a  Dental office Practice Manager and treatment coordinator of three office to now.


She was a member of the Naya Sofia Haiti Charity Foundation in Canada,

And is North American Authorised manager of Ghadir Charity Foundation of Iran


 she is a Proud wife and mother of a gorgeous Son, her passion is reading and writing and travel around world to take adventure and experience new things. From skydiving to volunteer dentistry in countries faces health inequities, there’s never a dull moment.

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