Dr. Ashkan Bargriz Farshi

Iranian Ontario Dental Association

Academic and Scientific Committee

Ashkan Bargriz Farshi

Doctor of Dental Surgery University of Toronto

Ashkan Bargriz Farshi, Academic and Scientific Committee


⎯ Pre-clinical Endodontic Instructor University of Toronto 07/2021 – Present Toronto, Canada


⎯ Associate General Dentist Dr. Sajner & Associates 10/2021 – Present Toronto, Canada


⎯ DREAM 9.5 Prostate Cancer Challenge Ryerson University 03/2015 – 07/2015 Toronto, Canada


- Pre-processed raw clinical data in Microsoft Excel and MATLAB - Predicted patient risk scores and survival time using linear regression models - Involved in literature review, data preparation, algorithm development, and writing the manuscript

Fourth Year Engineering Design Project Ryerson University 09/2014 – 04/2015 Toronto, Canada

- Designed and built a haptic feedback neurosurgical training system for craniotomy procedures - Utilized principles of electrical circuit and software design, rehabilitation engineering, motor learning and human-computer interface to build a robot with two degrees of freedom - Developed an android application to output the force, pressure, and vibrational statistics to the user

⎯ Fourth Year Biomedical Engineering Program Representative


Ryerson University

11/2014 Toronto, Canada

- Selected by Biomedical Engineering Program Director based on academic performance and research experience

- Represented Ryerson University’s Biomedical Engineering program as a fourth-year student

- Interviewed by Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB), with regards to the efficacy, professionalism, and academic standards of Ryerson University’s Biomedical Engineering Program

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