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Dr. Elmira Ahmady

Iranian Ontario Dental Association

Academic and Scientific Committee


Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Toronto

Elmira Ahmady, Academic and Scientific Committee

Dr. Elmira Ahmady is a general dentist ( 2014- present) whose practice, Green Street Dental, is located in

Ottawa, Ontario. Her clinic serves all age groups and patients in the community with an emphasis on

preventative care.

Professional Experience/Degrees:

Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Toronto (2010-2014)

Masters in Biochemistry, University of Ottawa 2007-2010.


Ahmady, E.; Blais, A.; Burgon, P.G. Muscle Enriched Lamin Interacting Protein (Mlip) Binds Chromatin

and Is Required for Myoblast Differentiation. Cells 2021, 10, 615.

Ahmady, E., Deeke, S. A., Rabaa, S., Kouri, L., Kenney, L., Stewart, A. F., & Burgon, P. G. (2011).

Identification of a novel muscle A-type lamin-interacting protein (MLIP). Journal of Biological Chemistry,

286(22), 19702-19713.

Patrick G Burgon, Julia Lockwood, Glenn Wells, Elmira Ahmady, Alexandre Blais, and Alexandre F

Stewart Originally published26 Mar 2018Circulation. 2011;124:A8396

Honours, Biopharmaceutical Science (Genomics option), University of Ottawa 2004-2007

Dr. Ahmady enjoys participating in continuing education courses to expand her knowledge of dentistry

and new innovative techniques. Actively involved in CE courses and study clubs.

SPEAR study club member 2014-2020, attended monthly seminars addressing various dental issues and

methods to improve treatment modalities and patient care. In attendance at these meetings were

members of various dental disciplines including periodontology and endodontics.

ITI ( International Team for Implantology) study club member 2018-2020, attended seminars focused on

implants ( placement/ complications/restorations)

Member of the ODA ( 2014- present) and ODS ( Ottawa Dental Society ) 2014- present

Participant in Brush- a Mania ( 2014, 2015 ) Attended elementary schools during oral health month to

educate about oral hygiene and the importance of proper dental care.

Dentantics (University of Toronto)- participant in a talent show organized to raise money for the

unprivileged members of the community.

Sharing Smiles Day - volunteered at an event organized to emphasize the importance of oral health care

for persons with special needs and raise awareness of oral health care issues in our community

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